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Cactus Gallery LA

IN A SINGLE BOUND by artist Andrea Bogdan

$ 320.00 $ 400.00

Acrylic on canvas, 14” x 11” x 3/4”, in a hand-painted pine wood floater frame 15” x 12” x 1.5”

I was a leaper of the first degree, according to my ballet teacher. The best of the BEST. And I recall the feeling of REAL POWER that my great leaping abilities gave me. One day I selected the perfect leaping outfit from my bureau drawers — something a super hero might wear. I dismissed my shoes, and pants, preferring only my Danskin tights and two oddly patterned shirts (fashionably layered) and proceeded to leap all around my neighborhood as a demonstration of my great talent. Between houses, through backyards, around the block, and back again. I imagined all my neighbors looking out their windows and proclaiming, “There SHE is ... able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!!”  I also thought, towards the end, that maybe I should have worn shorts or some little skirt or something, so I painted them on here for this Cactus Gallery show.

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